how to setup a shared car group

You determine that together with the others in your shared car group.
Iris # 1, the first shared car group within Iris Elektrick, has set out its principles in a news article: Yeah, we are starting!
You could follow that example. But in doing so you have to make a number of considerations. The most important thing for a shared car group is that you are clear to each other and thus get a clear view on the motives of the total group for car-sharing.
There must be clarity on several topics:
  • do the agendas of the participants match; if everyone expects to need the shared car on Saturday morning you have a problem
  • the number of kilometers that you expect to drive as a group per year; thoroughly analyze your current annual kilometers in advance
  • what do you expect from the shared car in terms of performance and presentation
  • so, what costs are you willing to accept per kilometer
  • do you also want to pay per unit of time or only per kilometer
  • are you actually willing to be a shareholder; a shared car is not a rental car
  • how do you deal with damage or with a disappointing total of kilometers for the shared car
  • will 1 shared car be sufficient for the group or would you prefer 2 or more cars

These are a lot of questions, and depending on the answers, there will be more. That is why you can contact participants in Iris # 1 (see the contact-page). They created experience and can help you to cross over and start doing ‘it’.