Yeah, we are starting!


After quite a bit of talking we are finally starting, the first car sharing group within Iris Elektrick has begun: Iris #1.

We drive a Skoda Fabia and a Toyota Aygo. The first one is parked on the Voorterweg and the other one on the Gabriel Metsulaan.

This is how it works:

  • you reserve a car in the joint Google calendar
  • there is a booklet in each car where everyone keeps track of their own kilometers
  • the kilometers start at the end of the month an Excel sheet and from that data invoices are sent
  • we have an app group for mutual communication, with which you can,in the event of an emergency for example, ask whether you might be able to take over someone’s reservation
  • taking the car for 2 days (staying overnight elsewhere) is no problem, if you want to claim the car for several days you have to ask permission in the group (via the app)

This works fine, we drive for € 0.35/km and hope within 1 year:

  • to have a successful and nice car sharing group;
  • to buy an electric car;
  • have saved enough money to install an electric charging station.

We have drawn up a contract for the necessary clarity. This includes the following conditions:

  • only the participants in the carsharing group may drive the car
  • the costs are estimated at € 0.35 / km but if at the end of the year the costs of driving are not covered by this, an additional levy will be charged in proportion to the kilometers driven.
  • fines are for the account of the person who caused them
  • the duration of the contract is at least 6 months with a cancellation period of 3 months

Postscript: look up our first annual report.

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