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foundation Iris Elektrick

Iris Elektrick changed from workgroup to foundation on 12 May 2020.

The foundation currently focuses on shared cars, preferably electric, but in any case second-hand cars. Because driving cheap used cars fits best in the Iris neighbourhood.
The articles of association of the foundation set the goal of helping groups of citizens to jointly tackle practical solutions to the climate crisis. Shared cars and electric driving are the things the foundation wants to tackle first. Other activities will follow later.
The foundation board consists of Henk Kok, Zubin Nayak and Rik van der Velden (secretary, treasurer and chairman).


Iris Elektrick acts as an intermediary between car sharing groups on the one hand and governments and companies on the other. Governments are the municipality of Eindhoven and the province of Noord-Brabant. Companies are insurers, car sellers, mileage registration system providers and charging station installers.

As intermediary, Iris Elektrick unburdens car sharing groups when drafting contracts. The municipality will only deal with formal organisations, such as for contracts regarding shared car parking spaces and the placement of charging stations. The province also proposes this requirement when granting subsidy for the purchase of a shared electric car.

information center

Iris Elektrick is also a source of information for car sharing groups. In our first year we have experienced most of the practical problems of car sharing and we would regret it if other groups had to reinvent the wheel.
For example, you can read about the first car sharing group (Iris #1) with which arrangements they started car sharing (Yeah, we are starting!)
and what their conclusions are after 1 year of car sharing in practice (one year of car sharing, report by Iris #1).