Hi expats and other non-Dutch speakers in our neighborhood, welcome to the site of Iris Elektrick!

Iris Elektrick is a platform for groups of people who will drive a car together: car sharing.

Car sharing is for Iris Elektrick about the joint possession, use and maintenance of a car. And then, preferably, an electric car.

… as economic as possible, we have the mentality of a second-hand car driver…

The advantages of car sharing are simple and clear:

  • car driving without owning one
  • use of a second car without buying one
  • more economical driving
  • affordable electric driving
  • always knowing where the car is parked
  • a lower parking pressure in the neighbourhood
  • a clear choice per trip between bike, public transport, car or cab
  • a lower environmental impact

If you want to know more, please check out the following pages:

Find for instance the experiences of the first car sharing group (Iris #1) in the news blog:
with which arrangements they started car sharing (Yeah, we are starting!)
and what their conclusions are after 1 year of car sharing in practice (one year of car sharing, report by Iris #1).