how did Iris Elektrick get its name?

The first part of the name is easy to understand: our initiative originated in the Iris neighbourhood. Should it also be limited to this? No, but there are no plans to make it bigger. But if, for some reason, the initiative goes beyond the neighbourhood, we think that’s fine.

The second part of the name needs more explanation. The initiative focuses on car sharing and that does not necessarily lead to electric driving. But electric driving does have the future and is strongly promoted by the government, both nationally and locally. And electric driving is an important element in the energy transition. In addition, it provides a cleaner living environment, which makes it a dream scenario for us.

More practical: we wanted dedicated parking places for our shared cars and were dependent on the municipality for this. By linking our initiative to electric driving, we hoped for cooperation. We succeeded: we can now rent shared car parks from the municipality. The trick to connect car sharing to electrification has worked: “elektrick”.

In the merger of the two: “Iris Elektrick”.