how does Iris #1 intend to make electric driving possible?

Shared car group Iris # 1 started car-sharing in the summer of 2018 with the price set at € 0.35/km. They had calculated that electric driving is feasible at that price. After a year of car sharing, with an old-fashioned combustion engine, it became clear how many kilometers per year they drive as a group, how lengthy the trips are, how many trips per day and therefore what range (and battery) is the logical choice.

Financing with a group of fairly different individuals is quite possible if you lease a car or pay for it with a loan. The latter was chosen, but not a loan from the bank but a loan from the group itself: everyone puts money in and receives interest on it. After the agreed term (7 years) everyone has received his / her share in the loan with interest. If you choose that interest somewhere between the savings interest that you would have received at the bank and what the loan would have cost at the bank, then you keep financing costs for the group on the low side and the participants have a nice additional benefit. If you drive a car, you will drive cheaply, if you don’t drive, your money will pay: Pay as you go, save when you park!

A second-hand electric car with charging station costs between € 16,500 and € 20,000 and also has € 2,600 up to € 2,750 in annual operating costs. Depending on the chosen car and the number of kilometers you drive as a group, the costs are between € 0.30/km and € 0.35/km. The original assumption of shared car group Iris # 1 is therefore correct. And even: if there are no major costs after the payment period, the kilometer price will go down by 40 to 50%!